Welcome and security services

  • All the cemeteries have a service for determining the location of tombs and burial niches.
  • ŸThe personnel assigned to the welcome and security services wears nametags to identify them individually.
  •  At the 3 urban cemeteries, meaning Verano, Flaminio-Prima Porta and Laurentino, there is also a welcome and assistance service provided by the volunteers of the National Association of the Carabinieri Police.
  • At the Verano Cemetery and the Flaminio Cemetery, a video surveillance system monitors the entry points and the most important areas.

The following service responds to emergencies or problems involving security inside any of Rome's cemeteries:

SOS – Security inside the Cemetery

Tel. 06-49236252 or 49236255 daily from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Ama Operations Centre
Tel. 06-516933 or 516939 or 516940 daily, 24 hours a day

The following categories of individuals may enter the Historic Verano Cemetery using automobiles, assuming they have obtained authorisation to do so:

  • individuals older than 75 years of age: every day.
  • individuals older than 65 years of age: from Monday to Saturday.
  • individuals with disabilities affecting their motor skills: every day. The official sign indicating the disability should be displayed in the vehicle.
  • individuals with temporary problems affecting their capacity of movement: every day. Medical certification corroborating the temporary disability must be presented.

The entry permit is issued immediately, following presentation of the documentation.
An annual permit may also be requested. Entry with scooters or motorcycles is not permitted.

For further information: Tel. 06 49236252/5 daily, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

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