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Through its Rome Cemeteries Department, AMA offers:

  • institutional services provided on an exclusive basis and governed by the Service Agreement
  • services provided in return for payment and offered on a free-market basis

The institutional services include:

  • the maintenance and operation, both ordinary and extraordinary, of the 11 Cemeteries of Rome, plus
  • cemetery construction services;
  • cemetery services and operations: burial and exhumation, entombment and removal from tombs, cremation and other services related to those indicated;
  • the management of concession agreements regarding burial niches and cemetery areas to be used for the construction of private tombs;
  • services involving autopsies, registrations of death and mortuary authorities;
  • votive lighting at the Laurentino Cemetery

The services offered on a free-market basis include:

  • the maintenance of greenery and the cleaning of private structures
  • undertaking services