Visit to Verano

Guided tours at the Verano Cemetery

The cultural initiative "A Stroll through Memories" consists of an annual program of guided tours offered free of charge to highlight the historical importance of the Verano Cemetery.

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The Verano Monumental Cemetery, more than simply an extraordinary open-air museum, serves as a massive register of the memories of entire City.
The fabric of Rome's history can be woven from these memories, with each stitch in the weave signalling the meeting point of a path through life and a story.

Episodes taken from the lives of individual men and women paint the broader picture of historic events, from the resurgence of a united Italy through to the twentieth century, including the social and cultural transformations in the role of women, the development of literary, artistic and architectural styles over the last two centuries, plus the coming of the cinema and its subsequent transformations, as reflected in the faces and fame of its stars.
Then there are the countless memories of the people of Rome, and of Rome itself, a City of constant change whose image in the collective consciousness remains eternal.

Strolls through Memories:

  • The tours, which are free of charge, follow 8 different cultural routes. Download the card
  • They are held on foot
  • They last for an average of 2 hours to 2 and a half hours
  • They are led by specialised guides
  • They are audio-assisted, using microphones and headsets
  • Each visit is designed for groups of 30 people at the most
  • During the period of the Commemoration of the Deceased (the first days of November) the tour can be taken at 3 different times of day – 10 am, 12 noon and 3 pm – without having to make reservations
  • During the rest of the year, on the days when tours are scheduled, reservations must be made by contacting the AMA-Cimiteri Capitolini Call Center. Reservations are taken starting from the Monday of the week for which the tour is scheduled
  • The meeting point is at the Guided Tour Gazebo found near the main entrance of the Historic Cemetery, at no. 1 Piazzale del Verano
  • In the event of inclement weather conditions, AMA-Cimiteri Capitolini reserves the right to cancel tours. Notification of any foreseeable variations will be communicated on the website.

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