Cemetery Construction

AMA-Cemeteries of Rome is responsible for the following activities:

  • preparation, updating and implementation of plans of cemetery construction;
  • operations of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance;
  • restructuring operations.

In the City's 11 cemeteries, AMA-Cemeteries of Rome specifically handles:

  • the planning of new works (such as the construction of new facilities for burial niches) necessary to fulfil the Cemetery Regulatory Plan, together with the related programs approved by the Rome City Council
  • performance of whatever operations are needed to maintain all the existing structures inside of the cemeteries in a proper state of appearance, efficiency, functional performance and availability, including: cemetery buildings and facilities, roads and walkways, plants and systems, machinery and equipment, grounds, networks (sewage, water supply) and areas of public greenery
  • performance of projects of restoration, reinforcement, restructuring, preservation and upgrading of real-estate assets, paying particular attention to their historical, architectural and cultural value.

In the case of all the above activities, AMA-Cemeteries of Rome is responsible for the planning, scheduling, project management and performance testing.

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