Entombment / Removal from tombs


In Rome's cemeteries there are three kind of burials: burial in the ground; entombment; cremation.

Burial recess: built inside cemetery and granted by the City Management under concession agreements. The concession agreement may be issued only following the death of an individual who is entitled to be entombed in the cemeteries of Rome.

Concession agreements have a duration of thirty years and may be renewed.

The assigned cemetery in which a burial niche may be requested under a concession agreement depends on the zone of residence of the deceased or the applicant.

Niches for bones/ashes, for the entombment of:

  • bone cases containing the bone remains resulting from operations of ordinary removal from tombs and ordinary exhumation;
  • urns for ashes containing the ashes resulting from the operation of cremation.

Concession agreements for bone/ash niches may be issued only in the presence of bone/ash remains of deceased parties who are entitled to be entombed in the cemeteries of Rome.

Concession agreements for niches for the burial of bones/ashes has a duration of ninety-nine years and may be renewed.

The assigned cemetery in which niches for the burial of bones may be requested depends on the zone of residence of the deceased or the applicant, whereas niches for ashes may be requested in any cemeteries of Rome, if available.

Private tombs: citizens, organisations and associations may request a cemetery area to build different kind of private tombs: chapel, ground-level tomb, and so on.

This Concession has a duration of seventy-five years and are renewable.
The assigned cemetery for the construction depends on the zone of residence of the applicant.
Each body must be entombed separately; only mothers and new-borns who both died at the time of birth may be buried in the same tomb.

After the expiration time, the concession may be renewed for an equal period of time, or the mortal remains may be removed from the tomb and transfer to another resting place or cremated.

Starting from 16 April 2006, the thirty-year concession agreements is over. Within six months of the expiration date, these agreements may be renewed by the parties entitled to do so (concession-holders, relatives of the deceased or other interested parties) for an additional thirty years, at the fee rates in force at the time of renewal.

Once six months have passed from the date of the expiration of the concession agreement, without any interest to renew the concession or to remove the corpse, the City Administration comes back the owner of the burial recesses, and the mortal remains are collected and preserved in bone cases or buried in the ground. However to give the attendant the last possibility to choose a cemetery operation, these cases shall be kept for another two years, after which will be sent to the common ossuary.

Each request must be presented at Administrative offices , Via del Verano 74.

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Buying and selling a tomb or sepulchre in general, is strictly forbidden.
Ama Cimiteri Capitolini reminds you that tombs or sepulchre trade is forbidden. It is considered as a scam that can be reported to the Juridical Authority.
In this case Ama-Cimiteri Capitolini informs police and avoid that it may happen. The owner of the concession can give back their own facilities in a legal way.

Extraordinary removal from a tomb
The removal of a corpse from a tomb in order to transfer it to another resting place may be requested at any time. Only if the request is two years before the moment of entombment, must there be a declaration from healthcare authorities certifying that the cause of death was not for infectious disease.

For further information, please contact Ama-Cimiteri Capitolini Call Center and/or URP (Public Relations Office)

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