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In Rome's cemeteries there are three different options for laying the deceased to rest: burial; entombment; cremation.

Cremation transforms the body into ashes.

Individuals who wish to be cremated can ensure that their intention is respected by stating it in a testamentary declaration or by joining an association that promotes cremation (see the website of the FIC – Italian Federation for Cremation).

When there is no written declaration of intent, then the spouse, or, should there be no spouse, an absolute majority of the nearest relatives, including descendent within a range of three generations, may decide on cremation for the purpose of entombment, consignment or dispersal of the ashes.
In order for minors to be cremated, the authorisation of the individual holding parental authority is necessary.

For the cremation of the bodies of foreigners, and in addition to the other documentation required, the diplomatic or consular representative of the home state of the deceased with jurisdiction over the territory in question must issue a declaration authorising the cremation.

Cremation operations take place at the crematorium of the Flaminio-Prima Porta Cemetery.

The ashes

Following cremation, the ashes are placed inside an urn, which is sealed.

The spouse or relatives of the deceased are then entitled to decide on what is to be done with the ashes: entombment, burial in the ground, consignment, dispersal.

Entombment of ashes

Ashes may be entombed in a burial niche for ashes granted under a new concession agreement or in a cemetery facility already held under a concession agreement. Assuming there is availability, a burial niche for ashes may be assigned at any of the City's cemeteries, regardless of the municipal district where the deceased resided.

Burial of ashes in the ground

This service is available at the Laurentino Cemetery and at the Flaminio-Prima Porta Cemetery.

Consignment of ashes

The urn holding the ashes may be consigned to the spouse or to a relative, and it must always remain sealed. The municipal district of residence of the party to whom the urn has been consigned must be notified of any transfer of the urn.

Dispersal of ashes

Ashes may be dispersed in nature, in an area set aside for the purpose by the Municipal Administration or in private open-air areas. In this last case, the consent of the owner of the area must be obtained. There is a "Park of Memories" at the Flaminio-Prima Porta Cemetery, a site designed to provide the necessary solemnity for the rite of the dispersal of the ashes of loved ones.

Requests for cremation, as well as for the consignment and/or dispersal of the ashes, must be presented to the administrative offices of AMA – Cemeteries of Rome.
In cases where there is no written expression of the intent of the deceased, the spouse or relatives may include with the request a declaration taking the place of a notarised act.

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