Concession agreements granting areas for private construction

Private citizens, organisations and associations may request that cemetery areas be granted under concession agreements, so that they may construct, drawing on the services of construction firms of their own choosing, private tombs that can be of the following types: chapel, ground-level tomb, and so on.

Cemetery areas for the construction of private tombs are granted form periods of seventy-five years, with the possibility of renewal.

AMA-Cemeteries of Rome handles the planning activities, which consist of the drafting of the plans for the subdivision of the lots that, under the overall cemetery planning, have been set aside for the construction of private facilities, identifying the areas designated for the building of ground-level tombs, sarcophaguses, shrines and chapels.

Later, a public ranking of the requests is drawn up, and, in the course of specific appointments made with the responsible offices of AMA-Cemeteries of Rome, the areas are assigned to the citizens who have presented requests. Finally, a specific Administrative Ruling is issued under the joint signature of AMA and the Municipal Government of Rome.

At the conclusion of the authorisation procedure, AMA-Cemeteries of Rome conducts a technical examination of the plan presented by the applicant, sending it to the competent offices of the Municipal Administration for approval and then presenting the area to the applicant.

The assigned cemetery in which an agreement for the concession of an area for the construction of a private tomb should be requested depends on the applicant's zone of residence.

At present, there are no areas available in the Verano Cemetery. In the Laurentino cemetery, only the following types of structures can be authorised: English tomb, Italian tomb with a platform, Italian tomb without a platform.

If no areas are available in the applicant's assigned cemetery, then a similar request may be presented for the Flaminio Cemetery or, in the case of residents of Municipal District XIII, for the Laurentino Cemetery. These requests shall be placed in both rankings (assigned cemetery and Flaminio/Laurentino Cemeteries): should one request be satisfied, then the other shall automatically be considered to be withdrawn.

In cases where more than one request, regarding any type of burial facility, has been presented for the same cemetery, acceptance of one, with the signing of the related contract, shall result in nullification of all the others.

The concession agreement may be formalised in favour not only of the applicant, but also of the applicant's spouse, or of any other person tied to the applicant by a blood relationship within a range of three generations or a non-blood relationship within a range of one generation.

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