Autopsy and mortuary authority services

Mortuary authority

AMA-Cemeteries of Rome directly manages mortuary authority activities, which consist of:

  • taking of consignment of the bodies of individuals who have died on public roadways, in hospitals or in their own homes, followed by transport to a morgue. The service is performed under the instructions of court authorities or of a coroner
  • a "charitable" service of transport from the morgue or the place of death (hospital or private home) to the cemetery for the burial of individuals regarding whose funeral arrangements no one has taken any interest
  • taking of consignment at hospitals and clinics of foetuses and recognisable anatomical parts for subsequent burial at the Flaminio Cemetery
  • control of coffins meant for the Verano Cemetery (measurement of the thickness of the zinc)
  • administrative activities consisting of:
    • daily registration of all the certificates of burial issued by the City of Rome;
    • control and registration of funeral services arriving in or leaving the territory of the City of Rome, together with the documentation needed for the issue of "mortuary passports" for bodies travelling to and from abroad.
Autopsy and morgue services

The management of autopsy and morgue services entails the activities involved in the storage, observation and diagnostic examination of deceased individuals:

  • who had not received medical care
  • for whom the period of post-mortem observation could not be fulfilled at the place of death
  • in the case of bodies placed at the disposal of judicial authorities.

There are currently two morgues in Rome:

  • The Municipal Morgue in the Piazzale del Verano
  • The morgue at the Gemelli Polyclinic Hospital.

Management of autopsy and morgue services is assigned by AMA to a number of different healthcare structures and/or hospital institutes under specific operating agreements, in accordance with the provisions of article 12 and following of Presidential Decree 285/90.

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